Subliminal Therapy


About Subliminal Therapy

Many problems are the consequence of conditioning; therapy consists of re-conditioning.  In Subliminal Therapy, it is assumed that “parts” of the patient’s mind were created during experiences in life and these parts continue to influence life based on those experiences.  In using Subliminal Therapy, these Parts are reconditioned, thereby resolving the problem at the level of cause.  When the causes of a problem are resolved, its symptoms – e.g., headaches, anxiety, insomnia, depression and addiction - cease to exist.

For example:  A child bitten by a dog will learn to fear dogs, and that learned fear can persist for a lifetime (even without the memory of the event) unless re-conditioning occurs.  A Part of the child’s mind formed at the moment of trauma and can remain active, keeping the person afraid of dogs, until the Part learns new information, gaining new understanding.  This reconditioning is the task of therapy.

Subliminal Therapy is a brief, psychodynamic psychotherapy, based on two assumptions: The therapist determines completeness/fulfillment of the patient’s therapeutic goals, at both conscious and unconscious levels, with recognition that the final test of completeness is in the real world.

1. Our present behavior and experience is determined by conditioning from earlier life-experiences.

2. All persons have extra-conscious mental abilities that exceed conscious mental abilities.

In using this method, the patient’s higher level, extra-conscious abilities (identified as “Centrum” for convenience) are accessed to do the work of therapy.  The patient may be consciously aware of the proceedings, yet remarkably uninvolved in the work of therapy.

New understanding of an experience changes the effect of the experience.

The Parts are intelligent, at least to the extent of being capable of “learning.”  Being educated about current reality constitutes reconditioning; it is as though the parts are stuck in time, knowing today only what they knew when they were created.

The tasks of therapy accomplished by Centum (guided by the therapist) are:

1. Identify the Part/s that are causing the problem.

2. Recondition those Parts by means of education.

Resolving the actual cause of a problem eliminates its symptoms.

In using this method, the therapist guides the protocol, as Centrum does the work, while the patient consciously supports the work by acting as a vehicle of communication between Centrum and the therapist.