Subliminal Therapy


  • What is Subliminal Therapy?

    Many problems are the consequence of conditioning; therapy consists of re-conditioning.  In Subliminal Therapy, it is assumed that “parts” of the patient’s mind were created during experiences in life and these parts continue to influence life based on those experiences.  In using Subliminal Therapy, these Parts are reconditioned, thereby resolving the problem at the level of cause.  When the causes of a problem are resolved, its symptoms – e.g., headaches, anxiety, insomnia, depression and addiction - cease to exist.

    For example:  A child bitten by a dog will learn to fear dogs, and that learned fear can persist for a lifetime (even without the memory of the event) unless re-conditioning occurs.  A Part of the child’s mind formed at the moment of trauma and can remain active, keeping the person afraid of dogs, until the Part learns new information, gaining new understanding.  This reconditioning is the task of therapy.

    Subliminal Therapy is a brief, psychodynamic psychotherapy, based on two assumptions:

    1. Our present behavior and experience is determined by conditioning from earlier life-experiences.

    2. All persons have extra-conscious mental abilities that exceed conscious mental abilities.

    In using this method, the patient’s higher level, extra-conscious abilities (identified as “Centrum” for convenience) are accessed to do the work of therapy.  The patient may be consciously aware of the proceedings, yet remarkably uninvolved in the work of therapy.

    New understanding of an experience changes the effect of the experience.

    The Parts are intelligent, at least to the extent of being capable of “learning.”  Being educated about current reality constitutes reconditioning; it is as though the parts are stuck in time, knowing today only what they knew when they were created.

    The tasks of therapy accomplished by Centum (guided by the therapist) are:

    1. Identify the Part/s that are causing the problem.

    2. Recondition those Parts by means of education.

    Resolving the actual cause of a problem eliminates its symptoms.

    In using this method, the therapist guides the protocol, as Centrum does the work, while the patient consciously supports the work by acting as a vehicle of communication between Centrum and the therapist.

  • How Does Subliminal Therapy Work?

    Many problems have no obvious physical explanation. It is as though some part of the person’s mind, an unconscious part, is actively controlling things, causing the undesired behavior, or experience.

    If this is true, and if that part of the person’s mind was formed in the course of their life experiences (the process of conditioning), then it should be possible to change that response by re-conditioning.

    Subliminal Therapy is an efficient and effective technique used to accomplish re-conditioning. It enables the patient to understand the cause of the problem from the perspective of the present, reframing the earlier, causal event from the perspective of more mature knowledge. Resolving the cause of a problem eliminates the symptoms.

    Elimination of psychological and psychogenic problems is accomplished by “re-educating” the problem-causing parts of the subconscious mind, enlisting the patient’s extra-consciousness to do the work of therapy.

    Because Subliminal Therapy addresses the cause of the problem, not the symptoms of the problem, the therapy is both efficient and effective, working faster than traditional therapy. Most patients find relief in four or less sessions.

    Dr. Yager has conducted formal training in the technique under the auspices of the UCSD School of Medicine, the American Society of Hypnosis, the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, the European Society of Hypnosis, the International Society of Hypnosis, and the San Diego Psychological Association.

  • What is Subliminal Therapy Used to Treat?

    Subliminal Therapy can be used to treat any disorder that is the consequence of earlier experiences. Because the link between mind and body is so tight, conditioning from experiences can result in physical as well as mental problems.

    Examples of problems that were the consequence of unfortunate life-experiences and that have been effectively treated by hypnotic techniques, most effectively by Subliminal Therapy.

  • Patient Testimonials

    • Ted's Story

      During my experience with Dr. Yager, he was able to guide me in understanding the fundamentals of “Centrum.” My obsessions were hindering my ability to focus, sleep, and live happily. Dr. Yager has taught me how to communicate with the different parts leading to that obsession and together helped me focus on re-training my areas of concern. I have learned the beginning stages of how to train myself and my emotions. The work provided by Dr. Yager was effective as my obsessions no longer exist pertaining towards the concerning areas that hindered me from moving on with life. I feel relaxed, enlightened, and less stressed as these were my intended goals to accomplish.

    • Victor's Story

      First, May I truly thank you for your work…it is life-changing! THANK YOU!

      I was fortunate to experience your ST (Subliminal Therapy) from a Practitioner (Ray) in Texas who has already changed my life in many ways through other work he has done for/on me a year ago and again a few weeks ago.

      I am educated with a Masters degree in Architecture and am currently pursuing my passion as an inventor. Ray’s help in October of last year brought me from financial ruin (on food stamps and heavily in debt) to selling over $100K of my invention on

      I am not really reading Subliminal Therapy, I am absorbing it. In my opinion, it is a masterpiece and I congratulate you for your effort to make the reading of it so enjoyable.


    • Debi's Story

      I want to thank you, Dr. Yager, for the incredible gift you gave me—your time and expertise in helping me deal with the side effects of chemo. I am still overwhelmed at the thought of your caring and generosity, and I find it difficult to find just the right words to express my deepest gratitude for your being there for me. And, as you know, the five subsequent chemo treatments went very well; I experienced very little, and most of the time no nausea. You certainly opened a whole new world to me which I know will serve me throughout the rest of my life.

      You have also planted many seeds for thought relative to other areas of my life. I am grateful for having had that opportunity to take some time with you to begin looking at issues that are affecting me.

      I am still amazed at the blessings (you being one of them) that have come out of my bout with cancer. I will forever be grateful to God who has turned this dreadful experience into something positive in so many ways.

    • Nick's Story

      Thank you pops for helping me overcome my problem. I have only wet once in the past 3 weeks, and it is all because of you. Now I'm not afraid to spend the night at other people's houses. If it wasn't for you, I would still go to bed wondering if I was going to wake up dry; now that's not a question. I really look up to you and what you do for helping people overcome fears and habits; sounds like such a rewarding job.

    • Lisa's Story

      I always had a fear of people standing behind me; didn’t matter if it was a grocery store, bank, or city street. Having my back turned to people frightened me for more than 40 years.

      Now 52, I’ve consulted with a number of psychologists in an effort to resolve my fear, but the treatments were futile. When I saw how effective Dr. Yager’s treatment was for my son, I made a life-changing decision to meet with Dr. Yager and asked Dr. Yager to work with me as I was on the verge of giving up hope of ever working through this issue.

      Scared to address this fear, I instead told Dr. Yager I wanted to lose weight. Dr. Yager explained that weight gain had its roots deep in the subconscious and that he would utilize Subliminal Therapy to help me reach my goal. Through Subliminal Therapy, we got to my issues right away. The work with Dr. Yager provided the insight to understand why this situation existed in my life; I confronted the fear and was able to work through it.

    • Meg's Story

    • Aaron's Story

      Please see a brief description of my experience below in italics. Let me know if you would like me to write any additional sentences as I wasn’t too sure how much I you needed.

      Thank you again for providing me the tools to bring reality into perspective and understand how to correct my obsessions.

      During my experience with Dr. Yager, he was able to guide me in understanding the fundamentals of “Centrum”. My obsessions were hindering my ability to focus, sleep, and live happily. Dr. Yager has taught me how to communicate with the different parts leading to that obsession and together helped me focus on re-training my areas of concern. I have learned the beginning stages of how to train myself and my emotions. The work provided by Dr. Yager was effective as my obsessions no longer exist pertaining towards the concerning areas that hindered me from moving on with life. I feel relaxed, enlightened, and less stressed as these were my intended goals to accomplish.

    • Sarah's Story

      Following a demonstration of Subliminal Therapy at the 12th International Congress on Ericksonian Approaches to Psychotherapy. 12.11.2015

      The exercise begin with the visualization in a trance a computer screen that Centrum can write on it began with a word yes then a word that surprises you. The word that came to me in the trance right away is STUPID. My conscious mind didn't like it I wanted to change it. “Fear” came up; I didn't know how to understand this word. We kept this word to ourselves in the experiential piece.

      Going on stage to do the experiential experience with Dr. Yager was important to me. There were about ten people in the room, which made it safe. Also Dr. Yager appeared to be sage like, doctoral degree, intelligent, old (90, I learned later), and I knew what he had to say was right; I could feel it. The experience began when Dr. Yager told my conscious mind to tell Centrum without speaking aloud what the goal is, (silently, I did it in a trance with my eyes closed) my goal was not to dread my group leader role experience in my private practice, to enjoy it. He continued to ask me yes or no questions that Centrum would answer on the computer screen (I selected that over a chalk board or a piece of paper.) As I tried to tell Centrum this goal, there was confusion about it, I think. It is hard to remember now exactly because I was in a trance. It is hard to remember the sequence of questions that followed. When I spoke my goal to Dr. Yager he helped me shape it by asking what obstacles to overcome, one is lack of experience, which we can't really do much about, another was confidence, loss of confidence, I knew this was true because my terrible dread of it and my actual experience in the group is exaggerated. My lack of confidence was the problem and the goal. (Dr. Yager earlier said that we often can't fully articulate the problem because it is in our subconscious and our conscious mind doesn't fully know it, I knew this was true because my terror is irrational to my conscious mind.) I was able to tell Centrum with much more confidence the goal to work on, the obstacles to overcome. To gain confidence as a group leader was my goal.

      There were many experiences Centrum found in my computer system that got damaged. Then I asked (silently in a trance by closing my eyes, prompted by Dr. Yager) the Centrum to correct them - I was aware of many memories that came up that I could correct and educate. I sad affect, tearful, -- it began as soon as I found the goal -- these were memories under the heading of stupid -- where I was told or made to feel stupid inaccurately. I was very sad for myself because I knew they have power over me and get in my way of enjoying with curiosity what I'm learning and becoming. Dr. Yager indicated that not always will any of this be conscious, he pointed out later that for me it was important to be conscious. The first memory I was most aware and most sad, (I was confused why that memory was in my conscious mind, but I didn't want to judge it). It was when I was in a room with my dad and my parent’s friends, and they were gathering for "underground prayer" since we were persecuted for being Christian in a communist country, I said something really loudly to contribute to the conversation and my father shamed me. I don't remember what he said, I remember feeling really stupid, everyone looking at me in the memory, filled with shame. Centrum told that memory its ok to share your thoughts, you are not stupid, you are smart, kind and have interesting things to say. Next was a memory of physical punishment by my father. Centrum said it was not ok to use physical violence no matter what. Then there were memories of prayers that my father made, praying in a way to indicate a women has no voice in my Christian faith. He made that clear by praying the order of children putting me last, even though I am oldest. Further memories of church emphasizing the lessor sex the women are. Then there were memories of me treating my friends shamefully and I educated myself then it's not ok to make fun of others or steal from others to feel good about myself. Then there were older memories in school and when we moved to America where I was told incorrectly how I wouldn't make it in schools unless I do ESL or other things for foreigners. Further memories of failed relationships as an adult came up. I never spoke of this in class.

      During the last part of searching and correcting, Dr. Yager left me in this state while he talked to class. It gave me time to sit and let Centrum work, while I was conscious of some of it. Sometimes I saw computer system running a diagnostic tool and correcting the files. I'm not sure how long this took. I had a very open stance to whatever memory came up and not judge it. It occurred mostly chronologically. Dr. Yager and the class only knew my first goal and my second goal, the class also saw my trance state and my tears. They knew nothing else. I spoke mostly “yes” and “no” after my goal was clarified. Some people left the room; I'm not sure what this was like for them. I do believe in the idea of isomorphy, the ones that stayed had their mind pick it up subconsciously.

      I felt very light at the end, free and open, amazed that it was happening as I set there answering questions. I felt my confidence, I wanted to continue to bask in the glow of this experience when it ended. I liked how simple it was and that the work was mostly unconscious and silent. It was helpful Dr. Yager knew when it was conscious and when it Centrum it was also helpful the questions were very clear, direct, and uncomplicated. There was a lot of warm affect in Dr. Yager's eyes, which I felt safe experiencing, I would open my eyes to answer the question to anchor myself.

      Dr. Yager I hope this story is helpful to you and I appreciate the work we did. I wrote this right after the experience as it was still fresh in my mind. I will be interested to know how I feel with my groups every week. I have curiosity and self-compassion.


    • Bill's Story

      After seeing you for several hypnotherapy sessions you realized something might be blocking our attempts to reach the deepest induction state.

      With your gentle guidance, Doctor Yager, I admitted for the first time in almost forty years the underlying source of my back pain. In order to first get and then keep an airline job I had never told anyone about an incident I experienced in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. My plane had been shot, I had ejected, then my parachute had gotten caught in a tree top. While attempting a radio call my chute came loose from the limbs above and I fell an estimated 60 to 70 feet landing primarily on my coccyx. The fall knocked me unconscious for an estimated four to five hours.

      When I mentioned this to a flight surgeon the next day he told me to keep it a secret if I wanted a flying career because anything over thirty minutes was a cause for grounding with subsequent eeg evaluations that might keep me from flying again.

      After this admission I was able then and still able now to access a deep and relaxing state somewhat quickly and easily.

      Thanks a bunch for introducing me to such pain control modalities!

      After several sessions of hypnotherapy, I am able to sit through dinner and a movie for the first time in years. In addition, I can tolerate the drive to L.A. to visit my grandson. The more I access the state of complete relaxation which accompanies self-hypnosis, the quicker I seem to be able to get into the state. I now find myself doing it because it is so refreshing -- not just to combat escalating pain.

    • Isabel's Story

      The first day, after a little bit of theory, you made a demonstration with one colleague and you offered the group "to do the same". What I did to communicate with Centrum, I saw a blackboard. I wanted to get rid of eating biscuits with chocolate under stress! This was an amazing habit that I had (now I can tell it) and I couldn't explain. I could eat a whole pack of "Petits Princes" in one shot if I was really stressed or angry!

      When you asked "how many years did it happen?", I saw "45 years" on the board. But it couldn't be true because I am still 44 years old! So I tried to erase the number from the blackboard! But I couldn't!!! I remember being very nervous because I tried several times and it did not work! It was like I was fighting against something! And suddenly, a souvenir appeared: I saw a woman, pregnant, seated in a train, looking at the window. I "knew" (it is amazing to say so because I "rationally" don't know from where) it was my mother, pregnant from me (and that is true because my birthday is in August), looking at a Spanish landscape, in a train! At the SAME time, I knew it was HER habit to eat biscuits and chocolate under stress, not mine!!

      When the workshop finished that afternoon, I called my mother to check the info I received. First, she said that she always eat chocolate under stress, only chocolate... but during the conversation she told me that, at that time (1971) in Spain, there was no chocolate as such but "biscuits with chocolate" and she ate a lot of them.

      For the story, my father had to make his military service in his town, Cadiz, in the south of Spain, and my mother made the travel. She was six months pregnant, she crossed the country without knowing a single word of Spanish (she is Belgian and only spoke French) and she left my older sister, two years old, with her parents. She was REALLY stressed!

      Thanks to this therapy, I get rid of this habit! For the first time I can choose WHEN I WANT to eat biscuits with chocolate :D !!

      I also learned that the beautiful picture in the bedroom of my fathers is the top of a "biscuits with chocolate" box that my father offered to my mother (in 1971, Spain was under Franco and the south was very poor; my family, at that time was really poor).

      I thank you very much Professor Yager for the work you do and to dare presenting this in Universities. Thank you so much!

  • Video Testimonials and Interviews

    Listen to patients explain, in their own words, how Subliminal Therapy has helped them.


    Four patient videos are presented, along with an interview with Dr. Edwin Yager, developer of Subliminal Therapy, also known as Yagerian Therapy.

  • Participate in a clinical study on the treatment of chronic pain with Subliminal Therapy

    Are you experiencing chronic pain?  Have you been to several doctors, taken dozens of pills but still haven’t found relief?  You may be interested in participating in a formal Clinical Research Study on the Treatment of Chronic Pain Psychologically with Subliminal Therapy.

    This study is open to adults of either gender who have a history of chronic pain, who are not involved in another research program and who are fluent in both spoken and written English.


    • No Cost

    • Brief, drug-free treatment

    • Compensation for expenses

    Find more information on the study and participation - click here.

  • Subliminal Therapy Institute Background

    Not long after Dr. Yager began his practice of psychotherapy in 1974, he began to wonder how and why some of the behaviors he was witnessing might be happening. A theory emerged and evolved into the technique he now calls Subliminal Therapy.

    Subliminal Therapy is by far the most effective and efficient therapy I have ever used in helping patients find relief from undesired problems and their symptoms, both mental and physical,” says Dr. Yager.

    Many of our physical problems are things that have no identifiable medical or physiological explanation. Dr. Yager has developed techniques of applying Subliminal Therapy that have proven effective in resolving chronic pain, bronchial asthma, some gastro-intestinal problems, migraine headaches and various other problems that were presented by his patients.

    Dr. Yager founded the Subliminal Therapy Institute to empower therapists to go beyond traditional therapies – to find true healing for their patients. The Institute is dedicated to conducting research to prove the effectiveness of Subliminal Therapy and to train therapists to use this treatment as part of their services.


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  • STI Staff and Board Members

    President: Edwin K. Yager, Ph.D.

    Dr. Yager is Director of the Institute, a practicing psychologist and author. He is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the UCSD School of Medicine. His textbook, “Foundations of Clinical Hypnosis: From Theory to Practice” is highly regarded in the field. Dr. Yager has honed Subliminal Therapy over the past 30 years as a private practitioner in San Diego.


    Edwin K. Yager, Ph.D.; President, Psychologist

    Cathy McGuire; Office Manager

    Barbara Tierney; Member, Ph.D. Graduate student

    Michael McGinty; Member, Ph.D. Graduate student

    Pejman Fain, D.O.; Member, Physician

    Allen Cheng; Member, Financial Manager